About Us

Streamline was founded in 2015 with a goal of creating treatment processes for natural gas and produced water for reuse in the Oil & Gas Industry. The result is a step change in the ability to treat H2S in natural gas and wastewater streams utilizing patented advanced oxidation chemistry and patent pending processes. Today, Streamline is positioned to meet the increasing demand to reduce cost and increase efficiency for your treatment operations.

Innovative Technology Solutions
Streamline is a technology solutions company focused on water & gas treatment and process improvements in the oil & gas, utility and industrial markets. Streamline was originally founded to treat produced water and to remove H2S from natural gas in the upstream space.  Deploying advanced treating capabilities, differentiated product lines, specialty chemicals, and a solutions-driven team, Streamline now delivers innovative solutions to a variety of problems and operational challenges by leveraging our significant in-house experience and expertise to multiple markets.

Differentiated Chemistry For A Changing Industry
The foundation of our technology is Talon™, a patented bio-degradable chemistry that creates a “Redox” (reduction-oxidation) process where H2S in Natural Gas is reduced to elemental sulfur and water. Similarly for produced water, Talon™ Reagent, when combined with hydrogen peroxide produces significant Hydroxl Radicals through Fentons Reagent creating a super charged oxidation process nearly double that of chlorine dioxide and hydrogen peroxide. Talon™ represents a major improvement in Redox and advanced oxidation systems protected through numerous patents and provisional patents.

Creating Asset Value – Eliminating Hazardous Risk
Streamline creates exceptional value for its stakeholders by delivering sustainable and scalable treatment options focused on long-term, recurring partnerships with its clients. Our strategic approach to water and gas treatment leverages best-in-class technologies and prolific intellectual property to solve industry’s most difficult issues.

Diversified Products – Consistent Positive Outcomes
Our diversified product and service lines offer our clients access to cutting-edge options in chemical and mechanical treating for a variety of industry challenges. Through vigorous research & development, best-in-class engineering, and solution-driven chemical expertise we are rapidly becoming the industry’s first choice for its most difficult situations.

Our Mission

A Paradigm Shift In Advanced Treating Technology
Streamline deploys advanced technology solutions for water & gas treating and related processes in the oil & gas, utilities, and industrial markets.