Specialty Chemicals

Streamline was founded as a specialty chemical business. The result is the capacity to solve problems through advanced chemical solutions that don’t just mask a problem but eliminates the problem. Among notable achievements, Streamline is delivering a Step-Change to industry through its application of TalonTM, a patented bio-degradable chemistry that creates a “Redox” (reduction-oxidation) process where H2S in natural gas is reduced to elemental sulfur and water. This chemistry is regenerated through simple aeration.

Streamline’s highly experienced engineers, scientists and field personnel strive to understand your needs and develop a solution that not only solves your problems but does it in an economical manner. We are very familiar with a broad range of chemistry used throughout various industries. We gather data, perform thorough analysis, design a plan, test the plan and ultimately deliver a comprehensive solution to your needs.


  • TalonTM is highly selective for H2S and represents the most efficient and effective chemistry in the world at removing H2S from natural gas streams. TalonTM is used in the Oil & Gas, Wastewater Utilities, Paper Mills and Food Processing.
  • TalonTM Reagent is an advanced oxidation chemistry that is a derivative of TalonTM used for treating wastewater and sour water from a variety of sources including oil & gas, municipal utilities, industrial processing or sour groundwater. When combined with hydrogen peroxide it produces significant Hydroxyl Radicals through Fentons Reagent creating a supercharged oxidation process nearly double that of chlorine dioxide and hydrogen peroxide.