H2S Sour Groundwater Treating

High Volume. Zero PPM.

With the ever increasing water volumes required for completion of today’s unconventional oil & gas wells, the need to source high-volume, non-drinking water aquifers is more critical than ever. The challenge comes from hazardous contaminants such as H2S. Streamline, with its patented Talon™ Reagent can treat high volume sour groundwater to zero PPM H2S and deliver clean water for fracs. This water includes aquifers such as the Capitan Reef, Russler and Santa Rosa in the Permian Basin.


  • Utilizing our patented Talon™ Reagent, Streamline has the unique ability to cost effectively remove H2S and other undesired minerals and contaminants from your sour groundwater supply
  • We create a very HS&E friendly environment by converting all H2S to elemental sulfur, an organic, non-hazardous by-product
  • Streamline can scale from utilizing existing customer facilities to delivering full turn-key solutions