H2S Sour Gas and Acid Gas Treating

Lower Costs – Eliminate SO2 Emissions.

Streamline has the world’s most efficient H2S gas treating solution. This Redox process allows complete removal of H2S in natural gas with a resulting by-product of organic elemental sulfur and water. This technology is deployed at any stage of the natural gas life cycle from upstream production, midstream gathering and processing, and downstream refining.

The Valkyrie™ H2S Gas and Acid Gas Treating System represent a step change in H2S treating with regenerative chemistry that employs both chemical and mechanical processes. This patent-pending process removes 100% of H2S from the natural gas stream at the lowest cost per pound of sulfur removed compared to all other competitors substantially lowering Lease Operating Expenses (LOE) and provides numerous tangible ancillary benefits including:


  • Only technology that removes 100% of sulfides maintaining gas sales within pipeline specifications
  • Eliminate the need for Title 5 and TCEQ Individual Air Emissions Permits for SO2
  • Reduced overall operating costs from regenerative and degradation-resistant chemistry
  • Wide range of operating temperature and pH
  • Increased oil and gas production due to reduced operating pressure
  • HS&E friendly chemistry is non-hazardous, non-toxic and biodegradable
  • Generated elemental sulfur is organic, non-hazardous and economically disposable
  • Intelligent automation design minimizes downtime and maintenance costs
  • Removes oxygen and no generation of thiosulfates, formaldehyde or dithiazine solids