When organic matter, such as agriculture waste, manure, municipal waste, plant material, sewage, or food waste, breaks down in the absence of oxygen a mixture of gases is produced. This mixture, more commonly known as biogas, primarily consists of methane, carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide (H2S). Biogas generated by landfills and anaerobic digesters is quickly gaining value as an environmentally friendly source of energy. However, at certain levels H2S must be removed from biogas due to its acute toxicity, odor, corrosive properties, and air emissions requirements by local, state and federal laws.

Utilizing Streamline’s patented Talon, a biodegradable, regenerative chemistry, the Valkyrie Treatment Unit is specifically designed to remove H2S in an efficient manner, generating organic elemental sulfur as a byproduct. Systems can be configured and scaled to fit your project targets and possess robust treating capabilities, low operating expenses due to their regenerative chemistry, and superior safety and environmental benefits. 

Key Advantages of the Valkyrie Process Include:

  • Capable of eliminating highly variable H2S concentrations and sulfide loads up to 100% 
  • Reliably treats H2S to desired levels including sales pipeline specification < 4 PPM
  • Cost effective treating due to its regenerative capabilities
  • Talon, the core treatment chemical is an environmentally sustainable product that is biodegradable, pH neutral and non-hazardous with organic elemental sulfur as its only byproduct
  • High up-time availability with successful track records of 99%+ 
  • Smart systems that can be remotely monitored and controlled as well as adapt to changing conditions