Frac Pond Aeration System

Highest Efficiency. Highest Value.

Streamline Innovations’s Bubble Tubing is a solution specifically designed for frac ponds that fight stagnation and bacteria growth. Bubble Tubing is highly efficient and effective at introducing air uniformly across the entire frac pond area, regardless of size and configuration.

Combined with a high-efficiency, long service air compressor, Bubble Tubing works to eliminate stagnation, prevent chemical treatment, and deliver more oxygen to frac ponds to oxidize organic sediment and sulfur reducing bacteria. Streamline’s Bubble Tubing can be deployed into new or existing ponds, in fresh, brackish, or produced water.

Treatment Benefits

  • Uniform oxygen distribution across pond, making every bubble count
  • Best oxygen transfer rate on the market
  • Scalable to any new or existing applications
  • Great “turn down” to balance treatment with evaporation
  • Can maintain or actively roll pond


Product Benefits

  • Flexible and resistant to kinking and memory
  • Dense PVC ballast, stainless cable, fused to diffuser which keeps tubing in place on pond bottom
  • Resistant to chemicals, salinity, pH, temperatures
  • Inner pressure prevents clogging, anti-fouling
  • No moving parts or electricity in the water
  • Easily installs in hours
  • 5-Year Warranty, very low maintenance